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Talking with U of M

Talking soil health with U of M

Anne Sawyer, an Assistant Extension Professor at the University of Minnesota, answers questions about soil health and how it translates to healthy plants this growing season. 

Sandra Ojiambo

A worldwide emergency

Alumna Sanda Ojiambo helps fight climate change as executive director of the Global Compact at the United Nations.

Anita Randolph, in white shirt and gray blazer, smiles.

A dynamo reaches out

Neuroscientist Anita Randolph found her calling in bringing the benefits of her profession to communities.

Illustration of a lady opening curtain

Light after the long, dark winter

Despite the early warnings from Michael Osterholm to the contrary, very few of us could have imagined in March 2020 that our lives (and sometimes livelihoods) would veer off track so dramatically, and for so long. Osterholm, of course, is a professor in the U of M’s School of Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, and one of the most interviewed experts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Illustration of a lady sitting on the floor

Coping with the Mental Health Crisis

The last 13 months have brought layer upon layer of challenges and stress to college students everywhere, no less at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. As some of the heaviness lifts, the U of M is looking forward with a systemwide initiative designed to stem the tide and vastly improve student mental health.

Illustration of a student wearing an eye glass

New and ongoing stressors, layer upon layer

Nina Hernandez Beithon is the diversity liaison counselor in Student Counseling Services, which, along with Boynton Mental Health, provides clinical counseling on the Twin Cities campus.

As such, she’s working primarily with students facing an element of race-based trauma—some of it triggered by the killing of George Floyd last May and the uprisings that followed.

Illustration of hands covering eyes

PRISMH: A new initiative takes shape

A focus on mental health has been a theme through President Gabel’s presidency; even before she arrived at the University in the summer of 2019 she vowed that would be a priority.