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UMN announces scholarship program for CFANS

CFANS students

The University of Minnesota -Twin Cities launched a partnership with the online scholarship platform for their College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

CFANS provides students the opportunity to enter career fields with some of the best job outlooks in the country, including majors in animal science, food systems, applied economics, sustainable systems management, and fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology. This micro-scholarship program is designed to pique student interest in the CFANS degree programs that translate to opportunities in these high-demand career fields—while rewarding their achievements in high school and supporting their success in college.

“The University of Minnesota’s College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences  is uniquely poised to help our graduates address the grand challenges that we face as a society—challenges that include hunger, poverty, sustainability, and more,” said Brian Buhr, dean of the college. He hopes that this pilot micro-scholarship program will help students discover some of the more unique majors at Minnesota’s land-grant research university.

A 2015 U.S. Department of Agriculture and Purdue University identified a significant demand for  graduates in agriculture, natural resources, and related fields. The study indicated that there are about 1.85 job openings for every graduate in these fields. These circumstances are leading to creativity as specialized colleges and programs reach out to students.

Through, high school students can earn micro-scholarships for their achievements, such as strong grades, rigorous coursework, or leadership positions. Students can create a free profile as early as 9th grade. The goal is to give students a head start in exploring colleges and in seeing their scholarship aid potential.

The micro-scholarships students earn on will range from $30 to $4,000 over four years. To be eligible, students must apply to CFANS, be selected for admission, and enroll in the college. University of Minnesota admission is based on a holistic review of a student’s complete application for admission.

About University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
The University of Minnesota's College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, based in St. Paul, Minn., is one of the world's leading research, education and outreach institutions in the environmental and agricultural sciences. Its faculty, staff and students are dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the world's food supplies and natural resources.

Additional Scholarship Programs
In addition to this pilot program for students enrolled in CFANS programs, the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is also offering a micro-scholarship program for new incoming freshmen from targeted high schools in Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota Duluth also offers scholarships through Raise.Me.

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