Agriculture and Environment

Close-up image of  corn tar spot.
Research Brief

Breakthrough on tar spot pathogen enables field research

University of Minnesota researchers developed and reported processes for the first time to infect corn plants in the field with the corn tar spot pathogen, a relatively new disease threatening corn production across the United States. 

Architecture and Design

 Image of colorful crayons next to a headshot of Cecilia Xi Wang, an assistant professor in the College of Design.
Talking with U of M

Talking autism-friendly colors with U of M

Selecting paint colors for your living room, office or classroom can be a big decision — one that impacts not only the feel of the room but the emotions of those within it. Research suggests color may play an even more important role for children with autism.

Arts and Humanities

Business and Management

Humphrey School of Public Affairs Associate Professor Carrie Oelberger
Expert Alert

How vacation impacts health

According to research from Pew, about 61% of workers say it’s extremely important to them personally to have a job that offers paid time off for vacations or other routine appointments. Humphrey School of Public Affairs Associate Professor Carrie Oelberger speaks to why we all need to take time to unplug to prevent burnout. 

Campus Affairs

News Release

U of M leaders to consider the future of Eastcliff

During its July 2024 meeting, the Board will review recommendations for Eastcliff, the official residence of U of M presidents and central location for hosting and honoring University students, faculty, alumni and guests.


Kat Rohn

Creating meaningful engagement

Civic engagement student Kat Rohn thinks often about how change happens and what leads to the most meaningful changes in our communities.


Law and Policy

Science and Technology

Varuschka, a 10-year-old Przewalski’s mare at the Minnesota Zoo
News Release

U of M maps genome of the last living wild horse species

University of Minnesota researchers have successfully mapped the complete genome of the endangered Przewalski’s horse. Once extinct in the wild, the species now has a population of around 2,000 animals thanks to conservation efforts.

Paige Novak, brown hair and black blouse, stand before large, gray commercial vats.

Energy drink

U of M researchers explore the energy potential of wastewater from breweries.

Sports and Recreation

Anna Goorevich stands in front of a soccer field.

Empowering sport for all

After injuries ended her playing career, PhD student uses research to help make sport a better place for all athletes.

women in an orange hoodie jogs down a downtown pathway
Talking with U of M

Talking distance running with U of M

As runners begin preparations for races across the state in the coming months, Christopher Lundstrom, a lecturer in the School of Kinesiology, shares his expertise on how to train for upcoming races. 

Story Archive

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