Research Briefs

Research Brief: Rural maternity care losses lead to childbirth risks

Pregnant woman standing in field.

When families in rural counties lose maternity services, risks related to childbirth rise for mothers and babies.

Research Brief: Shifting tundra vegetation spells change for arctic animals

Piece of a shrub magnified under a microscope.

UMN researchers set out to discover what's behind significant changes in arctic tundra habitat.

Research Brief: Potential impact of bacteria on tooth decay

A microscope

An team of UMN researchers found some bacteria that absorb and accumulate phosphate may play a role in tooth decay.

UMN Research Brief: Non-invasive brain stimulation could help treat cerebral palsy


The first-of-its-kind study could shape future treatments and research.

Research Brief: Global grazing lands increasingly vulnerable to a changing climate

Cows in dry field.

A new study shows precipitation variability has increased significantly on 49 percent of the world's grazing land.

UMN Research Brief: Who reads the Nutrition Facts food labels?

Nutrition facts label

A UMN study explores frequency and use of nutrition labels.

UMN Research Brief: Older Minnesotans love winter. How can we help them stay safe?

Minneapolis in snow

UMN researcher Jessica Finlay examines how everyday winter weather shapes our well-being—a subject often overlooked