Shaping Tomorrow: Kyle Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong

Every year nearly 15,000 students graduate from the University of Minnesota and embark on the next step in their journey. This spring, the Class of 2016 begins to make its mark.

U alumni include founders and presidents of Fortune 500 companies, visionary artists and authors, 55 members of congress (plus 19 governors and two U.S. vice presidents), and thousands more working to make a difference every day.

Who will the Class of 2016 become?

Kyle Armstrong

Graphic Design, College of Design

Kyle Armstrong will spend his first year after graduation returning to a place that inspired him during a semester abroad. “Learning that I was selected to be a Fulbright English teaching assistant to Turkey was absolutely thrilling. I’m still amazed and excited that I will be paid to live and teach in a beautiful country for nine months,” says Armstrong.

How do you see yourself having an impact on the world?
By making the things people interact with daily more usable, making the communication that really matters more impactful, and making the critical causes get noticed.

How has your education helped to prepare you?
My program has very practically prepared me for a career in the field. But more importantly, my education has prepared me for broader challenges by teaching me how to problem solve and better understand the breadth of the human experience.

Did anything about college surprise you?
The concentration of resources and opportunities in college, especially one of the U’s size and stature. … I’ve taken a class with Walter Mondale, listened to Nobel laureates, and had access to top-notch production facilities.

What are you planning to do “just for fun” in the near future?
I’ve gotta finish reading Moby Dick! I tried once and quit, but now I bought a Moby Dick shirt to wear when I finish.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities