Statement regarding Minnesota Student Association (MSA) Forum resolution to recognize 9/11

The following statement is from Danita Brown Young, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of Minnesota, regarding the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) Forum resolution for an annual moment of recognition on September 11th.

"Earlier this week, the Minnesota Student Association’s Forum, a branch of the University’s undergraduate student government, heard a resolution calling for an annual moment of recognition of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. MSA is a student group, independent of the University administration. When MSA passes a resolution, it serves as a formal recommendation of action from the undergraduate student body on the Twin Cities campus to University leadership.

Although the University supports the efforts of our students to create and preserve a form of recognition for September 11th on the Twin Cities campus, the resolution considered by MSA did not pass. This action has been the subject of a great deal of confusion, which the University would like to address.  

The students’ discussion about the resolution was wide-ranging, addressing a number of procedural, as well as content issues. Ultimately, although MSA students generally supported the resolution, they voted against it as presented so logistical issues related to its implementation could be addressed. Following the vote, the students decided to take a step back and ensure that any 9/11 resolution that is passed includes the detail necessary to successfully implement a worthy form of recognition on campus.

The maturity to want a more comprehensive resolution should be applauded, and we hope that others will take a moment to understand the entire situation before attacking the actions of our students – who, it is important to remember, proactively brought forward the resolution in the first place.

Efforts by students are already underway to rework the resolution for consideration at the next Forum, and the University looks forward to working with MSA on this matter.

Those interested to learn more are encouraged to read the full statement from MSA."

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