Super sponge promises effective toxic clean-up of lakes and more

Sponge before and after mercury removal

Mercury is toxic and removing it from water is challenging. Professor Abdennour Abbas and team created a sponge to help.

Study finds secret to diverse forests’ super success

trees fitting available space

Enhanced ability to divvy up vertical space provides productivity boost trees see when multiple species grow together

Researchers invent process to produce renewable car tires from trees, grass

dauenhauer lab

Discovery could have major impact on the multi-billion dollar tire industry.

Caves in Central China show history of natural flood patterns

Layers of stalagmite

UMN researchers use cave structures to identify historical precipitation.

Forever Green Initiative takes root

A green crop in a field beneath a blue sky

U scientists are working together to develop the next generation of crops. 

“Perfect” soap molecule from renewable sources wins top Dow SISCA prize


Award recognizes students and universities for innovative research that encourages & promotes sustainable solutions

Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal US carbon emissions


Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal U.S. carbon emissions, further accelerating climate warming

IonE researchers produce first-ever map of farming households across world

smallholder farms

Maps illuminate contribution of smallholder farming to global food production

U study provides global picture of crop production greenhouse gas emissions


Maps show distribution, intensity of greenhouse gas release due to cropland management

Wind and solar energy projects could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural MN

Wind Solar maps

U's Energy Transition Lab report measures the impact of federal and state policies to expand renewable energy