To Keep People from Going Thirsty

Young boy drinking water.

David Mulla is changing how countries use water.

Biodiversity stabilizes ecosystems during climate extremes

Vines add surprising variable to tropical forest carbon storage

New grants will help Minnesota fight invasive pests and plants

Successful Peregrine Reintroduction is Focus of New Bell Museum Exhibit

Lack of attention has made stripe rust a major threat to the world’s wheat, U of M-led report shows

University of Minnesota Polar Geospatial Center to lead effort on mapping Alaska and arctic

University of Minnesota solar car team to unveil new car Aug. 18

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project team will give the public a first look at its newest solar-hybrid car at a special event for the media, sponsors and supporters.

Bears appear unfazed by drones, but their heart rates soar, U of M research shows

If an unidentified flying object suddenly appeared in the sky, it’s likely your heart would beat faster. Now, University of Minnesota researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology have found that the same is true for bears.

University of Minnesota Researchers to lead a $12M research network to build sustainable, healthy, and livable cities