In The News: U.S. Senators, UMN faculty discuss Zika virus threat

Zika virus is gaining attention in the United States as mosquito season arrives. 

UMN expert: Gluten free diets not as healthy as you think

Although millions of Americans are cutting gluten out of their diets with the belief that it is a healthier dietary...

Big cats, clean teeth thanks to veterinary anesthesiologists

Just like people, big cats need to maintain teeth health too.

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Research Snapshot: Helping curb the childhood obesity epidemic in rural Minnesota

Home isn’t just where the heart is; home is also where your meals are.

Research snapshot: Cigarette smoking prevalence remains high among American Indians in Hennepin County and Ramsey County

recent analysis from the Tribal Tobacco Use Project Survey of 964 urban American Indian residents in Hennepin...

Precision medicine: Tailoring treatment to your DNA

Imagine if an individual’s DNA could be matched to the most effective medication to treat his or her case specifically.

Online eye exams? See through the hype

It is recommended that the average adult should get a regular eye exam every 2 to 3 years.

What are Values of a Two-Year College.

Innovative schooling in this nation is instantly turning into a need during the venture team as a substitute for an...

Expert perspective: New sleep guidelines for children announced

Sleep is critical to the overall growth and development of infants, children and teens.