UMN Expert: International Fact-Checking Day

Chris Ison

April 2 is International Fact-Checking Day, which was created to answer concerns about the reach and impact of online misinformation.

Chris Ison, with the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota, explains the responsibility facing the media and the public in fact-checking what they report and read.

Chris Ison
“The work of ensuring accuracy in media is a partnership. Responsible media organizations must be vigilant in their fact-checking and their commitment to fairness so they can separate their journalism from the junk. And they should be transparent about their process so the public can understand where the information is coming from and how news decisions are made.

“The public is the other partner. More than ever, citizens must be proactive about what they read and what they believe. They need to know where their news is coming from and select carefully. They can’t just accept what lands on their Facebook page or Twitter feed and pass it along. Media literacy today takes real work, a willingness to accept uncomfortable facts and—maybe—even the cost of a subscription to a legitimate news source. There is plenty of excellent journalism out there and it costs money to produce. But if you really care about the truth, it’s still a great bargain.”

Chris Ison is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication. His areas of expertise include investigative reporting, news writing and media ethics.

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