A Water Bottle That Measures Up

Image of a water bottle next to a smart phone picturing a water droplet.

How much water have you drunk today? No idea? You're not alone.

Help is on the way, thanks to recent U of M graduates Coleman Iverson, Alex Hambrock, Alexandra Feeken, and Nadya Nguyen. They’re developing a smart water bottle that automatically tracks your water intake while syncing to a phone app that reminds you to drink.

The four partners have founded a company—Hidrate. They’ve been accepted into the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator, where they share an open co-working space with nine other tech startups focused on improving health.

Iverson, the group’s chief creative officer, develops the brand and marketing materials, manages design of the app and website, and drives the design of the bottle itself. He credits his graphic design classes for teaching him how to brand a company with the customer in mind.

"I also learned that pushing the boundaries of design and taking the risk and trying something on your own will also teach you a great deal about what it takes to be an entrepreneur," he says.

While Iverson is the only formally trained designer, the team integrates design thinking into every aspect of their business. "Design is not the first thing on most people’s minds,” he says, “but our team believes it is the core strength of our business and what will set us apart from all the other water bottles on the market."

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities