I am driven to help crops adapt to changing environments

Candy Hirsch and her team use big data to help produce more corn on less land—an imperative as the world’s population continues to expand dramatically. Learn more about Hirsch’s work to adapt crops to changing environments.

A new lens on the world’s small farms

New maps developed by U of M researchers illustrate the contribution of smallholder farming to global food production. Learn more about the research.

For the love of farming and family

Richard Traugott is pursuing his master’s degree and a new path in horticulture to better serve his community—and his son. Read more about Traugott.

We are #UMNdriven


“Together, we can create a world where we are aware of our privileges and inclusive and respectful of each other’s social identities.”

Aravind B., ’17
Political Science and Economics


“Leaders step out of their comfort zones and take on challenges in order to create an inspiring vision of the future. One valuable lesson from my undergraduate experience has been learning how to be inclusive and transparent in my communication with others.”

Maryan G., ’18
Business and Marketing Education


“We can promote healing and self-expression.”

Patricia C-P., MBA


“Scholars—we need to work with communities to solve their problems.”

Diego G-H., Ph.D
Family Social Science


“I find inspiration from activists in my community who, in the wake of social injustices, choose everyday to lend their voices to those who’ve gone unheard.”

Lydia N., ’17
Sociology: Law, Criminology, and Deviance


“It’s important for all communities to recognize our interconnectedness on our journey toward social justice.”

Raven Z., ’17
Political Science and Sociology: Law, Criminology, and Deviance


“We can advance cultural understanding and health for all.”

Zineb A., ’17
Neuroscience and Spanish Studies