Our Budget

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Minnesota Invests in Excellence

To understand our state’s investment in University of Minnesota excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement, you need a clear picture of the U of M budget.

U of M Budget Basics

  • Our budget is more than $3.8 billion
  • Roughly half the U of M budget is restricted funding or self-funding
  • Operations funding is less than half the U of M budget
  • Operations funding goes to core U of M education, research, and public engagement
  • Operations funding has two primary sources: tuition and state appropriations

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A more efficient way to pay

The U of M is rolling out a prepaid debit card to pay research study participants system-wide. More efficient than checks, gift cards, or cash, the new card reduces administration and improves security.

Tackling rapidly changing job categories

The steps to document the reclassification of a U of M employee have now been reduced from 4-6 hours to 30 minutes.

Getting the full view on tech decisions

The U of M has established a cross-functional team of technology experts to support decision making on all issues of security, networking, usability, and accessibility.

Excellence Inspires Innovators

The real “return on investment” for Minnesota lies in the excellence of U of M graduates, who bring their skills and expertise to every employer and community. They are Minnesota’s innovators and problem solvers, today and tomorrow.

The U of M's Impact Is Statewide

  • 5th largest employer in Minnesota
  • 26,000 employees statewide
  • $8.6 billion generated each year for Minnesota
  • 100 startups launched by U of M grads since 2006
  • 80% of Minnesota's new physicians train at the U of M