A better way to get there

A U of M student uncovers how the homeless interact with transit in the Twin Cities. Read about her findings.

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We are #UMNdriven


"At the U, everyone is from a different place in the world and has a different background and experience. Even though there are so many students, it's still possible to find a community of people that you fit well with and to learn more about those individuals."

Kaity H.


"The Minneapolis campus hugs the Mississippi River, which is protected by the National Park Service—we essentially have access to a national park every day!"

Chris B.


"My favorite place on campus is the Raptor Center because I love being a volunteer there and meeting people that want to learn about raptor conservation."

Rielle P.
English and Political Science


"Being a part of the UMN Solar Vehicle Project has been one of the best experiences in my life. It gave me unique interdisciplinary team learning experiences far beyond what is possible in the classroom, and helped me grow as a person."

Jacob H.
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy


"My English studies have helped foster my creativity and critical thinking at the same time... I have started considering a path in foreign service or international relations. However, my childhood dream of writing creatively for a living still stands!"

Sara D.