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A gray-haired woman sleeps. A graph of EEG activity during a seizure is overlaid.

Silent seizures: seeds of Alzheimer’s disease?

Keith Vossel targets subclinical seizures, covert agents of mental decline. Learn more about this work.

Kate Adamala.

Building a baseline for biocomputing

Kate Adamala is using synthetic cells to create “biocomputers” with a wide range of applications. Read more on biocomputing.

Headshot of healthy-looking gray-haired woman with pixie cut.

Keeping aging brains healthy: lessons from genes

U researchers take a cue from genes that protect brains from decline. Explore this promising work.

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"As a Native American woman, sharing my experiences overcoming poverty, violence, and substance use on my reservation, the Tuscarora Indian Nation of New York, has been critical in prompting discussions on how to break vicious cycles that span generations. For me, it was by making conscious efforts to forge a new path by being the first in my family to pursue a BA, MS, and now, a PhD."

Jill F.


“Change in this system can begin with me - by becoming a physician, I can serve as a role model and motivate people of color who feel they are unable to pursue medicine due to the lack of representation.”

Emmanuel O.


"In studying architecture and product design, my passion is understanding how to optimize the diverse experiences users have with a product or a service and directly relate that to business growth."

Maia P.


"As an educator, I plan to continue connecting the past and present because I want my students to use the past as fuel to move our society forward without repeating history."

Atosha R.
Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance


Opportunities to celebrate differences continually motivate me to be a leader that brings everyone together to speak, listen, and create. The lessons I am learning from other people have streamed into my academic design projects by leading my focus toward the creation of equitable spaces.

Hana S.


"As an aspiring educator, I want to celebrate every student so they know their identity exists, is valued, and is respected."

Dani G.
Integrated Elementary, Special Education