Rural revitalization through theater? You bet.

A recent graduate is using theater to spur creative thinking and economic development in rural communities. Read about this life-changing experience.

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Terri McBride in Coast Guard uniform

Charting her own course

Terri McBride’s journey has taken her from the U.S. Coast Guard to the Medical School. She aims to serve the underserved. Learn more about her perseverance.

Graduates in black caps and gowns and colorful hoods stand in front of a Commencement crowd.

Bright future for College of Science and Engineering grads

Six months after graduating, STEM grads were doing great. See some salient stats.

Denise Riffey

Getting personal with addiction at Morris

Morris student Denise Riffey is using her experience with addiction to improve a treatment court program in Minnesota. Learn more about Morris student Denise Riffey.

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"At the U of M, I get to sit in the same class with great professors who don't just teach me academic materials but also valuable knowledge for my career and personal growth."

Hilmi J.
Civil Engineering


"I want to make a difference in the education system. I want to reform the policies that govern the key to escaping the cycle, I want to work closely with those who understand the importance of an education and the exponential benefits it provides."

Jael K.
Finance and Marketing


"I was an intern in the US Senate. Working as a staffer is all about comprehension and communication, and my majors both provide a strong basis for that."

Ian K.
English and Political Science


"I miss working with kids in the close and intensive way that you do when you are their special education teacher. But being a grad student allows me to learn more about how to better support the students for whom I most care (about)”

Britta B
Special Education PhD


“I chose this path [becoming a Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) teacher] because I am driven to understand issues that impact the lives of the people in the Deaf community and what I can do to contribute—especially towards Deaf children’s education.”

Aaron W
Special Education DHH MEd


"Thanks to support from the College of Liberal Arts, I was able to complete internships in both Los Angeles and New York working in media and journalism. These internships not only helped me to make friends in my field and narrow my career goals, but also gave me the experience of locating alone to an incredibly large city."

Palmer H
English and French