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Roon Makhtal.

Weighing in on the opioid crisis

Roon Makhtal is researching ways to meet the opioid epidemic in Minnesota. Read about her internship.

A shot of pills of many colors.

Opioids not superior pain relievers

A U-led study lends no support to preference for opioid pain relievers. Read more about this work.

3-year-old Maverick Koll and his family were one of seven families to participate in the second

A look inside the lives of hospitalized children and their families

“There I was in this quiet, private nursery, holding and staring at these three infants and they were mine.” Experience the ‘Perspectives’ photo project.

person with clipboard and pen

Ending addiction in our communities

The College of Pharmacy is preparing students to fight the opioid crises in our communities. Learn more about ending addiction.

We are #UMNdriven


“I find my inspiration in my fellow students. Being surrounded by so many passionate and driven people inspires me to push myself and encourages me when I begin to doubt myself. I love hearing about the changes that other people aim to make for this world. Their optimism and ambition inspires me to create the changes that I wish to see happen in this world.”

Jayme O.
English Literature


“Life can throw so much at us, but it is how we handle these situations so we can grow from them. I hope to help as many individuals as I can to overcome adversity they may be facing in their own life. I want to show them they can get through anything just like I did.”

Duke P.
Sports Management


“I find inspiration in people. I love hearing stories and accomplishments of my peers because it gives me motivation and fuel to keep working on my own goals. I’m passionate about building things that help others. That’s one of the main reasons I love studying cultural entrepreneurship. I have great mentors who encourage me and help me as I develop my business.”

Sebastian N.
Cultural Entrepreneurship


“Develop deep creative and intellectual kinships. Engage in an ethic of strategic risk and discomfort to reorient your biases and attitudes. Appreciate deconstruction as an ethic of practice. Don't take language for granted. Read, create, connect, repeat.”

Justin J.
PhD, Organizational Leadership Policy and Development


“It's okay if you don't find things you are interested in at first, be open to different things and different opportunities, you will find your passion eventually.”

Fiona W.
Environmental Studies & Political Science


“I am studying psychology because I want to work in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I am passionate about equitable education, especially in higher ed. Making sure that everyone feels safe and welcome at campus is a priority of mine.”

Mickey C.