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A hand holding a 3D printed organ.

The New Shape of Medicine

Michael McAlpine is building organ models that help surgeons prepare for surgery and treat spinal cord injuries. See more on how 3D printing may save lives.

A Minnesota farmer in the field.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Jake Overgaard is bringing Minnesota’s farmers new learning tools. See more about online tools for farmers.

Hye-Young Kim looking at a paper with a design student.

Retail Transformation by Design

Hye-Young Kim is harnessing the expertise of design students to help Minnesota merchants solve retail challenges. See more on rural Minnesota business collaboration.

A child looking at a robot.

Unlocking Mechanical Minds

Professor Maria Gini and Ph.D. student Marie Manner are using interactions between very young children and talking robots to better predict who will develop autism. See more on robots in autism diagnosis.

We are #UMNdriven


“Be genuinely yourself as much as you can. There's a lot of power in that. It's something that can be very hard to do, and, I think, something that we're not really taught we should do. A dose of radical self love can energize you to do everything that you'd like to do in a sustained way that also promotes happiness and joy in your life.”

Mia M.
B.S. Child Psychology


“I am passionate about evolving the built environment for long term resiliency. I love how tangible our work is and I’m inspired by the people who work in this market. They have grit. They take raw materials and make things. They dream and plan together and manifest their work physically. Ideally, if we do our work well, the result positively impacts the region for generations.”

Jessie Houlihan Bingen, Alumna ('08) - President of Stahl
Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication


“I am a member of the Pride of Minnesota Marching Band, and throughout the three marching seasons I’ve already completed, I have learned so much about myself and my fellow marchers. I’ve learned that I am a natural leader, and I have a passion in helping others succeed. I also strive for perfection, excellence, and have a high regard for a good work ethic, responsibility, passion, and drive. Marching band has taught me that over 300 people can come together and create something amazing, yet every single person has a huge contribution.”

Sarah L.
Graphic Design


“I find inspiration from the moments in my life when I am faced with challenges. Often times, when life knocks me down, I remember that although I may not be swimming, I am not sinking either, but instead I am floating. In this, I have learned how to persevere in moments of trial and tribulation. As a result, I have discovered a passion for networking with people and giving back for the greater good of different communities.”

Alexis M.
Agricultural Communications and Marketing


“I find my inspiration in my fellow students. Being surrounded by so many passionate and driven people inspires me to push myself and encourages me when I begin to doubt myself. I love hearing about the changes that other people aim to make for this world. Their optimism and ambition inspires me to create the changes that I wish to see happen in this world.”

Jayme O.
English Literature


“Life can throw so much at us, but it is how we handle these situations so we can grow from them. I hope to help as many individuals as I can to overcome adversity they may be facing in their own life. I want to show them they can get through anything just like I did.”

Duke P.
Sports Management