Goldy Gopher

Goldy Gopher is one of the most recognizable and beloved figures in the state of Minnesota. With the toothiest of grins, boundless energy, and an irrepressible spirit, Goldy is paws down the best mascot around (with national titles to prove it). On the field or court, at a parade, or in the community, Goldy brings smiles and laughter to kids and adults alike.

Everyone's Favorite Mascot

Golding with cape standing on platform held by students
Golding posing with a statue of Goldy
Goldy crowd-surfing on football field
Goldy dressed as Statue of Liberty at football game
Goldy waving giant U of M flag at basketball game
Goldy wearing striped overalls holding oversized keys at football game
Goldy skipping on the court wearing basketball uniform
Goldy pair ice dancing with Gopher cheerleader at hockey game
Goldy wearing football uniform posing with fans at game

National Champion!

Goldy Gopher has been a dynasty in competition, winning the national mascot title four times (2011, 2013, 2017, and 2018) in the last decade.

Makes Head Spin

Goldy often responds to fans’ calls to "Spin your head, spin your head!" which further fires up the crowd at sporting events.

Needs a Scheduling Assistant

Including a full schedule of games plus other functions, Goldy Gopher appears at over 600 outings and events each year.

History of Goldy

Goldy with the band in the 1950s

Goldy with the band in the 1950s

The first official mascot illustration, 1940s

The first official mascot illustration, 1940s

Goldy with cheerleaders, 1950s

Goldy with cheerleaders, 1950s


Minnesota becomes known as the “Gopher state,” based on a political cartoon.


The “Gopher” becomes the name of the University of Minnesota yearbook.


Sports teams at the U of M start being referred to as “the Gophers."


Sports merchandiser George Grooms designs an official Gopher image.


Goldy Gopher the mascot begins making appearances at games.


U alumnus Stephen Wanvig, working for Jostens, designs a brawny and scowling new mascot.


After some public outcry, Wanvig creates a slimmer and more cheerful Goldy; it remains to this day.

The Best Photo Op on Campus

Goldy posing with Goldy statue in front of Coffman Union

In 2013 the University of Minnesota unveiled a six-foot-tall statue of Goldy Gopher outside Coffman Union. Constructed out of bronze, as well as maroon granite, and sculpted by U of M alum Nicholas Legeros, the Goldy statue became an instant favorite of students, fans, and visitors. Goldy the statue has been a part of tens of thousands of photos, and is a can’t-miss on campus tours.