Elm cuttings in a greenhouse

Survivor elms

U of M researchers are wrangling the charismatic trees’ innate ability to fend off Dutch elm disease.

Talking with U of M

Talking climate-ready forests with U of M

Trees have started showing their spectacular fall colors across Minnesota. This year, the changing leaves have come early due to the stresses of ongoing drought. Drought, flooding and higher temperatures associated with climate change are all factors prompting University of Minnesota experts to think about the future of our forests. 

Buckthorn seedlings on the forest floor. Credit: Michael Schuster
Research Brief

U of M researchers uproot decades of buckthorn management practices

According to new research from the University of Minnesota, buckthorn managers have long overestimated the plant, and in doing so, have given the invasive tree a significant advantage in spreading widely and pushing native species out of woodlands and forests throughout eastern North America.

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