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News Release

U of M leaders to consider the future of Eastcliff

During its July 2024 meeting, the Board will review recommendations for Eastcliff, the official residence of U of M presidents and central location for hosting and honoring University students, faculty, alumni and guests.

Close-up image of  corn tar spot.
Research Brief

Breakthrough on tar spot pathogen enables field research

University of Minnesota researchers developed and reported processes for the first time to infect corn plants in the field with the corn tar spot pathogen, a relatively new disease threatening corn production across the United States. 

An image of three removed, intact molar teeth on a piece of white gauze. A chrome mirror tool and other dental tools are in the background.
Talking with U of M

Talking wisdom teeth with U of M

Dr. James Swift with the School of Dentistry discusses wisdom teeth, why they’re often removed and what to expect if removal is suggested for you or someone you know.