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Cuong Pham
Talking with U of M

Talking men’s health with U of M

Cuong Pham from the Community-University Health Care Center answers questions about why it is important for men to have annual appointments and how to navigate health questions with their primary care provider. 

A red-headed woodpecker hovers at the entrance to its nest hole.

Holey homemakers

A young researcher studies the red-headed woodpecker, a bird that has long captivated her—and for good reason.

Sophia Albott
Talking with U of M

Talking PTSD Month with the U of M

Professor Sophia Albott discusses the origins of PTSD, common misconceptions of the disorder and today’s treatment options. 

The new solar array in the parking lot next to Mondale Hall.

Leading by example

At the University of Minnesota, combating climate change is serious business and a top priority.