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Humphrey School of Public Affairs Associate Professor Carrie Oelberger
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How vacation impacts health

According to research from Pew, about 61% of workers say it’s extremely important to them personally to have a job that offers paid time off for vacations or other routine appointments. Humphrey School of Public Affairs Associate Professor Carrie Oelberger speaks to why we all need to take time to unplug to prevent burnout. 

Kat Rohn

Creating meaningful engagement

Civic engagement student Kat Rohn thinks often about how change happens and what leads to the most meaningful changes in our communities.

Varuschka, a 10-year-old Przewalski’s mare at the Minnesota Zoo
News Release

U of M maps genome of the last living wild horse species

University of Minnesota researchers have successfully mapped the complete genome of the endangered Przewalski’s horse. Once extinct in the wild, the species now has a population of around 2,000 animals thanks to conservation efforts.

The hands of someone wearing a white lab coat are holding two different blister packages of medications. Underneath, there is an open drawer with other medical supplies.
Talking with U of M

Talking mental health meds with U of M

Dr. Mark Schneiderhan with the UMD College of Pharmacy talks misconceptions about mental health medication and strategies to ensure every patient receives optimized, individualized care.

Koushik Sampath. Photo by Michelle Bennett, Wolfskull Creative

Ready, set, go!

From a revolutionary new paper-drying technique to a new take on cancer therapy, the “3-minute thesis” competition offers a glimpse into outstanding graduate student research.

Paige Novak, brown hair and black blouse, stand before large, gray commercial vats.

Energy drink

U of M researchers explore the energy potential of wastewater from breweries.

Myah Walker in a bright red dress holding a chicken with a decorative rug background. Photo by Shelly Mosman

The chicken and the egg

Myah Walker spent years working in commercial egg production and now serves with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.