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Zach Taylor

Finding his nursing niche

Doctor of Nursing Practice student Zach Taylor is finding his passion for health equity and planetary health. 

An image of a newborn baby touching its ear

Spotting CMV

Thanks in part to a U of M professor, a common cause of hearing loss in infants is now part of routine newborn screening in Minnesota.

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Research Brief

Why mental health care providers decide to practice in rural communities

Americans living in rural communities experience higher rates of depression and suicide than people who live in urban areas. These long-standing mental health inequities are attributed to a wide range of factors including affordability, accessibility and lingering stigmas around receiving care. 

Portrait of Carrie Henning-Smith-Smith wearing a grey cardigan leaning against a tree
Talking with U of M

Talking loneliness with U of M

The U.S. Surgeon General recently declared loneliness an epidemic and a threat to public health, and estimates note about half of the U.S. population is experiencing loneliness. Associate Professor Carrie Henning-Smith from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health answers questions about loneliness and steps people can take if they’re experiencing it.  

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