Expert Guide

Public Policy
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Arab Spring
  • Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Youth in the Middle East
Health Sciences
Graduate education and research
School of Nursing
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Cesarean section
  • Natural birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Post-partum depression
  • Pre-natal care
College of Liberal Arts, Expert
Assistant Professor
Political Science
College of Liberal Arts
  • International security
  • Nuclear weapons
  • US foreign policy
Agriculture, Business
Professor and Director
Department of Applied Economics
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Governance of cooperatives
  • Organization of food economy sector
Lead Scientist
Global Water Initiative/IonE
Institute on the Environment
  • Ecosystem services
  • Ecohydrology
  • Land-water relationships
  • Water scarcity
  • Agricultural water use
Family Social Science
College of Education and Human Development
  • Marriage and family therapy
  • Marriage
  • Fatherhood
  • Divorce
  • Family challenges during holiday gatherings
Design & Architecture
Associate Professor and Director, Apparel Design Program; Co-Director, Wearable Technology Lab
Apparel Design
College of Design
  • Smart Clothing
  • Wearable Technology
  • Functional Apparel
  • Human Factors in Design
  • Sustainable Fashion
Assistant Professor
Institute of Child Development
College of Education and Human Development
  • Autism
  • Early brain development
  • Developmental social neuroscience
  • Emerging psychopathology
Design & Architecture
College of Design
  • Fracture-critical system failures
  • Cities in the new economy
  • Ethics and professional practice
  • Creating sustainable, resilient futures
  • Design thinking and the creative economy
Health Sciences
Center on Aging
School of Nursing
  • Care for Alzheimer's disease
  • Effective interventions for dementia/memory loss
  • Improving outcomes by focusing on family caregivers of persons with memory loss
  • Long-term care for memory loss
Professor and Director of the Institute for Translational Research in Children's Mental Health
Family Social Science and Institute of Child Development
College of Education and Human Development
  • Children's mental health
  • Trauma
  • Parenting
School of Social Work
College of Education and Human Development
  • Culturally sensitive services to African American families ​
  • Intergenerational caregiving with ​African American grandmothers ​
  • Experiences of African American parents and children who have been​ suspended ​
  • S​ocial justice ​issues in social work practice​
Expert, Health Sciences
Associate Professor
Division of Health Policy and Management
School of Public Health
  • Equity
  • Food & nutrition
  • Politics
  • Public opinion
  • Communication
  • Media
Design & Architecture
Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Building Research
College of Design
  • Energy and climate change
  • Equitable design
  • Water cycle in relationship to built enviornment
  • Materials for healthy buildings
  • Resilient communities
Extension Entomologist
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Insects found in gardens
  • Insects found in landscapes
  • Insects found in homes
Professor in the Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
College of Biological Sciences
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecology
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Biogeography
  • Natural resource management
  • Conservation biology
  • Population genetics
Expert, Health Sciences
Ophthalmologist and assistant professor
University of Minnesota Health and University of Minnesota Medical School
University of Minnesota Health, University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Eye conditions
Public Policy
Professor and Director
Center for the Study of Politics and Government
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Minnesota politics and policy
  • Presidential and legislative politics
  • Health care policy
  • Elections and voting behavior
  • Public opinion and polling
  • American political history
Assistant Professor
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP)
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • The economic value of clean water
  • Water resources in Minnesota
  • Water and equity
  • Natural capital and the value of ecosystems
  • Nitrogen pollution
  • The value of nature in urban areas
  • Green infrastructure and sustainable cities
College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts
  • applied general equilibrium modeling
  • intertemporal general equilibrium theory
  • trade theory
College of Liberal Arts, Law
Silha Professor of Media Ethics and Law at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Director of the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law, affiliated faculty member at the Law School.
School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Law School
CLA, Law School
  • Constitutional law
  • EU data protection
  • First Amendment
  • Free speech
  • Freedom of information
  • Freedom of the press
  • Information privacy
  • Media ethics
  • Media law
  • Media/military relations
  • National security
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Law School
Law School
  • Energy law
  • Environmental law
  • Natural resources law
  • Tort law
  • Property law
Health Sciences
Associate Professor
School of Public Health
  • Women's health
  • Reproductive health
  • Health policy
  • Maternal health
  • How policy impacts vulnerable populations
  • Birth outcomes
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
College of Education and Human Development
  • Addiction treatment and recovery
  • Spirituality
  • Gratitude
  • Positive psychology
Design & Architecture
Assistant Professor
College of Design
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Toys, games and play
  • Design of food
  • Sketching and drawing ideas
  • Humor and improvisation
Senior Lecturer and Associate Director
Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport
College of Education and Human Development
  • Coach behavior and its impacts on athletes, ethics, and women in coaching
  • Sportsmanship and/or bad behavior of athletes
  • Sport parent behavior on youth sport sidelines
  • Sport participation and gender equity
  • Benefits for girls and women in sport, gender equity
  • Media coverage of female athletes
College of Education and Human Development
  • Resilience in children
  • Homeless children
  • Children in disaster
  • Children in war
  • Interventions to promote resilience in children
Campus Climate, Public Policy
Department of African American & African Studies
College of Liberal Arts
  • Race relations
  • Race and perception
  • Black men
  • Civil Rights commemorations and policies
  • Black History Month and Kwanzaa
  • Achievement gap
Sustainability Studies Minor / IonE
Institute on the Environment
  • Sustainability Education
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability education
  • Engaging students in sustainability efforts
  • K-12 sustainability education (e.g. Green Ribbon Schools, environmental education)
  • Sustainability in cities in Minnesota (e.g. GreenStep Cities, best practices for small cities)
  • Campus-based sustainability (in energy, food systems, water, etc.)
  • Community-based sustainability projects on campus and in Minnesota
  • The energy transition in Minnesota (e.g. new projects, law and policies on energy)
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFFC) Conference of the Parties (e.g. "the climate talks")
  • Human rights and sustainability
  • Sustainability expressed through arts and humanities
College of Liberal Arts
Associate Professor of Musicology and School of Music Director of Graduate Studies
School of Music
College of Liberal Arts
  • Felix Mendelssohn
  • History of popular American music and culture
  • 19th century Romantic German music
  • Music history 1750 - 1900
  • American hymnology
University Archivist
Archives & Special Collections
University Libraries
  • History of the University of Minnesota
  • Timely source of information pertaining to the University, faculty and administrators, both current and past
  • Source for University records, documents, photographs and film footage
  • Resource for institutional archival procedures and preservation
  • Digital archives
Human Rights, Law
Robina Chair in Law, Public Policy, and Society; Faculty Director, Human Rights Center
University of Minnesota Law
University of Minnesota Law
  • International law
  • Human Rights law
  • National security law
  • Transitional justice
  • Feminist legal theory
  • Gender and conflict terrorism and Counter-terrorism Law
  • Practice of occupation
Health Sciences
Professor, School of Public Health and Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
School of Public Health
  • Infectious diseases
  • The spread of diseases
  • Vaccines
  • Bioterrorism
  • Influenza
  • Global disease outbreaks
Law School
  • Securities law and regulation
  • Corporate governance
  • Government ethics
  • Professional responsibility
Expert, Health Sciences
Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy, Duluth Campus
  • Community-based participatory action research focused on preventing and addressing substance abuse
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
College of Liberal Arts
  • American politics
  • U.S. Congress
  • U.S. political parties
  • Congressional elections and political behavior
  • Women and politics
Professor and Co-Director of the Educational Equity Resource Center
Educational Psychology
College of Education and Human Development
  • Educational equity
  • Achievement and opportunity gaps
  • Educational testing and assessment
  • Social-emotional learning and youth development
Department of Forest Resources
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Public Policy
Copyright Program Librarian
Content & Collections
University Libraries
  • Copyright law
  • Copyright issues in academic publishing
  • Copyright issues in higher ed and K12 teaching
  • Public interest intellectual property law
  • Trademark, patent, music & media copyright, downloading, piracy, and infringement
  • Google Books
  • Fair use
  • Creative Commons
  • Open licensing
Director, NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise, Institute on the Environment
Professor, Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Environmental Accounting/Footprinting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability
  • Food Supply Chains
  • Electricity Markets & Pricing
  • Bioenergy
Department of Entomology
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Bee breeding
  • Bees
  • Colony Collapse Disorder (bee health)
  • Floral landscapes for bees
Children's Literature Research Collections, Archives and Special Collections
University of Minnesota
  • Children's Literature
  • Literacy pre-k - 8th grade
  • Emergent and Family Literacy
  • Award-winning Children's Books
  • Diversity in Children's Literature
  • Children's Book Publishing
  • Children and Young Adults Reading and Writing
  • Children's Librarianship
Senior Research Fellow
College of Education and Human Development
  • School leadership
  • Educational reform policies
  • Later school start times
  • Teens and sleep
  • Teacher professional development

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