Cathy Jordan

Cathy Jordan - Associate Director for Leadership and Education
Associate Director, Institute on the Environment

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

  • Health
  • COVID-19
  • Human development
  • Sustainability


Cathy Jordan, Ph.D., serves as the associate director for leadership & education at the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment

Jordan leads an Institute on the Environment team that cultivates sustainability awareness in students and supports sustainability-savvy leaders with soft skills that make them more effective change agents.

As a pediatric neuropsychologist, Jordan has had a long-standing interest in the influence of environments on children’s health and development. Early in her career, she focused on the influence of environmental risks, such as lead overburden, on children’s cognitive and behavioral development. She later turned her attention to the positive impact of nature contact—through nature play, nature-based learning, and therapeutic uses of nature—on children’s physical and mental health and educational outcomes and development of a stewardship ethic.

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