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National Intern Day

Portrait of Judy Anderson wearing a plaid shirt and maroon vest
Judy Anderson, director of career readiness in the College of Liberal Arts

Internships are an important part of a young professional’s journey between higher education and joining the workforce. To celebrate National Intern Day on July 27, Judy Anderson with the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts shares why internships are important to students and the industries they hope to join after graduation. 

Judy Anderson

“Incorporating meaningful and thoughtfully designed internship experiences will pay dividends in building a strong organization with a diverse workforce. This can include opportunities designed for students exploring their career options and those about to graduate seeking to gain relevant experience that will launch them into a full time career.”

“There are not enough internships regionally for college students in Minnesota to have one internship each during their college education, let alone multiple. Our Internship Toolkit for Employers provides all the pieces that an employer, large or small, would need to start offering one internship or a whole program.”

“For many students, internships provide invaluable networking opportunities that connect them to professional mentors helping them to explore their career interests and options.  For those who don’t have built in access from family or other connections, internships play a critical role in helping them navigate career opportunities.”

Judy Anderson is the director of career readiness in the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts. She is an expert in young adult development and emerging adulthood. Currently, she is directing an important effort in CLA to provide 13,000 students with an understanding of how their liberal arts education prepares them for future success. 

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