Bryant Jones wearing face mask in greenhouse with seedlings on wooden table

From planted seeds

While cooking for 20-hour days to feed the thousands who gathered after George Floyd’s killing, Bryant Jones was struck by an idea that grew into a garden ... and a community.

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Bryant Jones is a plant science senior in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, at the University of Minnesota, and a cofounder of the Twin Cities Relief Initiative.

Starting points for change

“Have the hard conversations with people in your own circle, when your brown brothers and sisters are not around. You don’t need to ostracize your family. But these conversations are where change starts.” - Bryant Jones

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2021 Black History Month events

Meet the people behind the story

Bryant Jones wearing white collarless linen shirt and black framed glasses

Bryant Jones ’21

Plant science, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
Cofounder, Twin Cities Relief Initiative

Clifton Williams smiles wearing dark gray knit hat and dark bomber jacket

Clifton Williams

Cofounder of NoMi SoMi Victory Gardens