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Strategic achievements reflect U of M progress on student success, statewide service

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2022 College of Biological Sciences and Medical School graduate commencement

Board of Regents discussed the University’s many strategic successes and key accountability measures across its five campuses

This week, the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents highlighted recent successes in the ongoing work toward systemwide strategic goals, which were established with the vision of making the University more effective, efficient, accountable and diverse. Achievements, challenges and progress of the past year were included in Interim President Jeff Ettinger and Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson’s presentation of the University Performance and Accountability Report and an update on the University’s student-focused systemwide strategic plan, MPact 2025. 

“When we welcomed Interim President Ettinger to the U of M last summer, the Board emphasized that steady focus on the University’s most important priorities was critical to our shared success. The accountability report clearly reflects progress on many of these goals,” said Board Chair Janie Mayeron. “We continue to support student success, we are advancing the impact of our world-class research and innovation, and we are bringing U of M expertise to communities across the state to improve Minnesotans’ lives. Those outcomes are core components of our mission and remain at the forefront of our work.”

In alignment with the MPact 2025 strategic plan, this year’s Accountability Report demonstrates the U of M’s commitment to serving Minnesota students, with 70% of entering freshmen from the state. The report also showcases continued demand, serving more than 68,000 students systemwide; an ongoing emphasis on undergraduate students graduating in four years; and outstanding career outcomes with nearly 92% of graduates employed or continuing their education. Additional highlights: 

  • An increased national ranking by U.S. News and World report for the Twin Cities campus — No. 23 among U.S. public schools and No. 53 overall, the campus’ highest ranking in 12 years among the 435 public and private schools evaluated. 
  • More than $1 billion in competitively earned research awards for the third year in a row. 
  • A record 23 startups launched and over $131 million in industry-sponsored awards. 
  • A growing percentage of BIPOC representation among U of M students and employees — nearly one-third of first-year students and a quarter of newly hired faculty and staff. 
  • Expanded investment in student aid that does not need to be repaid, reaching $307.3 million and surpassing the MPact 2025 goal of $304 million.

“As we advance our MPact 2025 strategic plan, this accountability report and our progress card help us celebrate our successes, identify areas for continued improvement and set informed priorities for the coming year,” said Ettinger. “It’s a privilege to come before the Board and share the many great accomplishments and milestones our students, faculty and staff have reached. Their successes position our University to deliver results for all of Minnesota.”

A final version of the report will return to the Board for action in February.

Public comment encouraged through Board of Regents Virtual Forum

Following a series of discussions about opportunities for additional public engagement with Regents, the Board launched a pilot program earlier this fall that allows members of the public to submit comments from anywhere and at any time. The Board’s Virtual Forum accepts audio, video and written input, which is shared directly with Regents and included in the Board’s public materials. Individuals are encouraged to visit the Virtual Forum to submit their comments. 

The Board also:

  • Reviewed fiscal 2025 budget variables.
  • Discussed input for the Governor’s Task Force on Academic Health at the University of Minnesota.
  • Approved amendments, including retitling Board of Regents Policy: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Equal Opportunity.
  • Discussed the annual report on the University’s research enterprise.
  • Approved the financial plan for the Academic Affiliation Agreement with CentraCare.
  • Reviewed fall semester public safety updates.
  • Received the report of the senate, faculty, civil service, and P&A consultative committees.

The Board's next regular meeting is on Feb. 8-9, 2024. Visit for more information. 

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