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sunset over placid lake in northern Minnesota
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Jessica Deere: Wilderness Water Watch

Deep in the forest primeval of northern Minnesota, placid lakes sparkle in the sun amidst a sea of trees. But even here, the long tentacles of modern civilization have tainted the wilderness.

Cory Anderson posing for photo

Cory Anderson: Stalking a deer killer

As a lifelong hunter and an environmental health graduate student concentrating in infectious diseases, Cory Anderson harbors a passion both personal and professional when it comes to chronic wasting disease, or CWD.

A researcher runs wire from the bed of a pickup and out through the open tailgate to tow a low flatbed cart with a life-size cardboard cutout of a hyena on it.
Research Brief

Predator traits shape anti-predator response

New research from the U of M's College of Biological Sciences shows that predators’ hunting techniques and the relative degree of danger they pose are key factors dictating anti-predator response in other species.

Carmen Fernholz at his farm near Madison, Minnesota.

Greener farms of the future

U of M researchers are partnering with farmers to find new ways to cultivate the soil and raise animals—and help mitigate climate change.

Image of University of Minnesota Law School Professor Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin
Expert Alert

 Women in Afghanistan

University of Minnesota Law School Professor Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin is available to provide expert comment on the special challenges faced by women with the return of Taliban control in Afghanistan.

Bassett Creek with a bridge in the background

The secrets of hidden waterways

Trinity Ek studied the history of the somewhat-hidden Bassett Creek, and how it came to symbolize the intersection of “race, place, and hydrology.”

Source: Getty | ajansen
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UN climate change report

The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change analyzed the academic research on climate science and gave an update on our understanding of climate change. Gabe Chan, an assistant professor in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, breaks down the findings of the report. 

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Expert Alert

African swine fever

John Deen, a professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, weighs in on ASF’s impact and potential threats to local and national farmers.