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Nasal flu vaccine
Talking with U of M

Talking flu vaccine and prevention with U of M

For National Immunization Awareness Month, Ann Philbrick with the College of Pharmacy talks about the flu vaccine, the health benefits of getting routine immunizations, and prevention measures people can take during this upcoming flu season.

Linking entities. Networking, social media, SNS, internet communication connect concept. Teamwork, network and community abstract.
Research Brief

Improving professional networking outcomes for women

New research from the Carlson School of Management finds a simple way to make networking easier for women, who often face significant barriers in doing so, especially in fields where they are a minority.

Elleni Paulson

Fostering food systems connections

As the first graduate of a new Applied Sciences Leadership program, Elleni Paulson hopes to improve communication among farmers and consumers.

Image of CFANS Associate Professor Tracy Twine
Expert Alert

Urban heat and climate change

Associate Professor Tracy Twine in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences is available to comment on the heatwave and what it means for the Twin Cities and other metropolitan areas in the Midwest.

Three women chatting outside.

Connecting rural women leaders

Recent graduate Kate Stower has become a strong advocate for involving more women in leadership roles in Greater Minnesota.