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Participants in a nature program paddle canoes on a body of water.

Nurturing nature

Grad student Lucas Rapisarda leads a program for immigrants combining nature learning with adult English language courses.

Natalie Warren in the front of her canoe

Academically and adventure bound

Doctoral student Natalie Warren has published Hudson Bay Bound, a book about her adventure as part of a two-woman team that canoed from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay.

An image collage of sugar producing algae

A sweeter side of algae

Researchers examine sugar-producing algae and its potential as a more sustainable and beneficial sugar crop.

Talking with U of M

Talking invasive buckthorn management with U of M

Late fall is often an ideal time to remove invasive buckthorn species, which have spread widely across Minnesota. Buckthorn outcompetes native plants, suppresses the growth of canopy tree seedlings and reduces habitat quality for wildlife.