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Simon Ozbek in front of spacesuits at NASA

Be the voice of the user

When Simon Ozbek started his academic career he never imagined it would take him all the way to NASA. Read his interview.

a drawing of Brad and Lucy as super heroes

Can clothing change the world?

A uniquely balanced lab at the University of Minnesota offers a glimpse of the rapidly growing field of wearable technology.

Kai Johnson

Kai Johnson: Environmentally ethical fashion

Kai Johnson is a double major in apparel design and bioproducts and biosystems engineering. While those fields may not at first seem to relate, she draws knowledge from both in her apparel work.

Ian Harris

Ian Harris: Fashion is for everyone

Ian Harris takes inspiration from his own experience in the plus-sized community. After spending the past two summers interning at Cake Plus-Size Resale in Minneapolis, Harris learned the importance of having a place that focuses on community building for plus-sized people.

Claire Lumen

Claire Lumen: Fashion as virtual interaction

Claire Lumen sees the world differently. Since early adolescence, she has been obsessed with the intricacies of socializing through the Internet. That obsession inspired her line of prototype clothing with motion-capture functionality.

Warda Moosa

Warda Moosa: ‘Apparel for the modern modest woman’

In creating her clothing line, Warda Moosa took inspiration from a poem written at the 1991 start of Somalia’s civil war that tore the country and its people apart. In fact, she named her collection SOMALI BAAN AHAY (I AM SOMALI) after a poem by that title, and her clothing literally weaves those words throughout its fabric.

The Amplified Fashion Show, 2020

Pushing the boundaries of fashion

It’s easy for fashion to fall under the spell of stereotype: that it is the exclusive domain of models, celebrities, the wealthy, and then the rest of us. That it involves runways, posing, and flashing bulbs. It does. But it is also much more than that.