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Research Brief

Improving professional networking outcomes for women

New research from the Carlson School of Management finds a simple way to make networking easier for women, who often face significant barriers in doing so, especially in fields where they are a minority.

Mark Bergen
Expert Alert

Understanding and preparing for periods of inflation

Professor Mark Bergen in the Carlson School of Management suggests we can use lessons from extreme inflationary episodes, known as hyperinflations, to offer perspective on less extreme inflationary periods.

Sarah Haacke Byrd on a building balcony

Serious money for women's rights

As executive director of Women Moving Millions, a U of M alum is bridging the gap between funders and organizers in the fight for women’s rights.

Illustration grid of solutions to Covid

Innovating during a pandemic

These savvy alumni are building business models and products that can help their businesses—and their customers—thrive, even during a global pandemic.

Damola Ogundipe

Flipping policy

Alumni Damola Ogundipe uses technology to democratize political information.