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Ife Ekunsanmi

A powerful voice for change

A recipient of the Carlson School’s most prestigious award, Ife Ekunsanmi is driven to help others find their passion.

Justin Johnson
Expert Alert

Economic impact of nature

Justin Johnson talks about how Global Futures can connect nature’s benefits with measurable economic outcomes. 

James W. Begun, white hair and dark suit, leans against a bookshelf.
Faculty Profile

James W. Begun

James W. Begun is a 2018-19 Graduate and Professional Teaching Award Winner

Rebecca Dean Swenson  sits at a desk before a backdrop of bookshelves.
Faculty Profile

Rebecca Dean Swenson

Rebecca Dean Swenson is a 2018-19 Morse-Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award Winner

Brigid Tuck chats with a group of community members.

Bringing meaning to data

Extension economics analyst Brigid Tuck helps decision-makers enhance the value in their communities.