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White hand holding a lit cigarette
Research Brief

Only 1 in 4 rural US smokers attempted to quit during a one year period

While overall smoking rates among U.S. adults are declining, many communities remain disproportionately burdened by commercial tobacco use and the associated negative health consequences. Smoking prevalence among rural adults stood at 19.2% in 2020, compared to 14.4% for their urban counterparts. Previous research also shows rural people start smoking at younger ages and smoke more heavily than non-rural residents. 

COVID-19 test kit
Research Brief

COVID-19 deaths during core pandemic years were likely under-counted

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. may have been under-counted during the first two years of the pandemic. A new study from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, Boston University and University of Pennsylvania, published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, shows about 1.2 million excess deaths, meaning more natural-cause deaths than would have been expected, in the pandemic’s first 30 months.

Health care worker wearing a gown and surgical mask
Research Brief

Gender wage gaps persist among health care workers

Though women perform 77% of health care jobs nationally, gender wage gaps persist, potentially contributing to lower lifetime earnings for millions of women and deterring professional advancement. 

A remote camera captured an image of a deer in a higher vegetation area of Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula
Research Brief

Do wolves make deer hunting over bait harder?

Whether or not wolves might affect hunting with bait has been a long-standing question — a recreational tradition that is controversial inside and outside the hunting community.