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Student representatives to share perspectives on U of M initiatives

Dozens of students walking across a busy campus pedestrian area

During its March meetings, the Board of Regents will receive the annual report from the student representatives to the Board, focusing on student experiences and key issues facing students across the University of Minnesota System. 

The report, presented by Student Representative Chair Flora Yang from the Twin Cities campus and Vice Chair Hal Johnson from the Morris campus, features student perspectives from each of the University’s five campuses and from a variety of points in their academic journeys. 

Student success is a cornerstone of the University’s mission, as well as a key driver of the University’s 2024 state legislative requests that aim to maintain safe and accessible spaces throughout the system, address tuition costs, invest in student services, and enhance workforce development in areas that are critical to Minnesota’s future success.  

The discussion will highlight topics identified by undergraduate, graduate and professional students through student experience surveys, such as basic needs access, continued mental health support and strategies to advance community and belonging on each campus. 

Public comment encouraged through Board of Regents Virtual Forum

Though the Board recently concluded a thorough and open search for the U of M’s 18th president with the appointment of Dr. Rebecca Cunningham as the president-designate, a key channel for public engagement throughout that process remains open. 

The Board’s Virtual Forum launched as a pilot program last fall following a series of discussions about new opportunities for public engagement with Regents. The public can submit comments to the Virtual Forum from anywhere and at any time, as an audio recording, a video, or in writing. All comments are shared directly with Regents and included in the Board’s public materials. Individuals are encouraged to visit the Virtual Forum to submit their comments.  

As part of its March meetings, the Board is also expected to:

  • Receive and file reports on the Board’s Virtual Forum comments and reports to the State of Minnesota. 
  • Review spring semester public safety updates with Interim President Jeff Ettinger and University of Minnesota Police Chief Matt Clark.
  • Review and act on amendments to the employment agreement for Gopher Football head coach P.J. Fleck.
  • Act on updated language regarding Presidential Conflicts of Interest.
  • Review proposed updates to Board of Regents Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority.

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