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University will take first step on a phased approach to contracting with Minneapolis Police Department

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While the University has continued its work, uninterrupted, with the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) across all aspects of criminal investigations and protecting its community, it announced today that it will begin an evaluative, phased approach to reinstating work with the MPD for large events and specialized services. This phased approach is in cooperation with the City of Minneapolis and the City’s new Office of Community Safety Commissioner. 

“Law enforcement in the City of Minneapolis should reflect the public safety expectations of all members of our community,” said University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel. “We are encouraged by the many steps the City has taken to meet that expectation and look forward to future steps.”

In broad support of day-to-day public safety, the University and its police department (UMPD) have always worked closely with MPD on emergency response, investigations and other efforts to prevent and respond to crime in Minneapolis neighborhoods near the Twin Cities campus. The University’s continued full collaboration with MPD on patrols and investigations that protect its Twin Cities campus community, which includes the city neighborhoods near campus, is a core piece of ongoing public safety work in these areas. This cooperation is clear in the ways the agencies coordinate response to emergency events and incidents, offer back-up patrols between UMPD and MPD, and in notable investigations. 

With today’s announcement, the University will:

  • Begin using MPD specialty services again, as needed. These needs occur intermittently and MPD, along with other regional emergency response agencies, regularly support the University’s needs, and vice-versa.
  • Contract with off-duty MPD officers to provide security services during Gopher Football home games for the 2022 season, starting on Sept. 1. 

The University will evaluate the success of these steps as part of its phased approach. That evaluation will include direct engagement with members of the University community to ensure all perspectives are represented when considering the impact of commitments and actions of the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department. 

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