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COVID-19: Stories, Insights, Expertise

Whether you're a community member, one of our alumni, or a University of Minnesota student, here you’ll find stories, insights, and expertise to support you during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Updates

For the latest Covid-19 updates for students, faculty, and staff, visit our Safe Campus page.

COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Sign up and learn about trials of drugs for COVID-19 treatments by University of Minnesota physicians. Learn the facts about testing for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Donate to Covid-19 relief funds

The U of M has a number of ways you can contribute COVID-19 relief to our students and front-line medical personnel. Give.

Kristin Lunz Trujillo

Battling misinformation when health is at stake

PhD candidate Kristin Lunz Trujillo is confronting society's issues surrounding misinformation through her research.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

COVID-19 Podcasts

Health in All Matters

Listen to episodes from the School of Public Health's weekly podcast series "COVID-19: When a pandemic sweeps the modern world."

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From "How We Got Here" to "Smart Testing," listen to all of the timely podcasts from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

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U of M experts offer insights, expertise, and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are just some of the faculty and staff involved in these efforts.

  • Photo of Regents Professor Michael Osterholm
    Regents Professor, School of Public Health, Twin Cities

    Infectious diseases; the spread of diseases; vaccines; bioterrorism; influenza; global disease outbreaks.

  • Melissa Kenney
    Associate Director for Knowledge Initiatives, Institute on the Environment, Twin Cities

    Conceptual modeling and decision structuring; indicators; systems analysis; multi-attribute methods; evaluation of decision support to address environmental policy decisions.

  • Ryan Demmer
    Associate Professor, School of Public Health, Twin Cities

    National ventilator shortage; general population spread and epidemiology; impacts of a shelter in place order; cardiometabolic diseases, including diabetes, atherosclerotic vascular disease, and congestive heart failure; role of the human microbiome in diseases.

  • Mark Osborn headshot
    Assistant Professor, Medical School, Twin Cities

    Creating a rapid field test for COVID-19; enabling testing without special lab equipment; gene and cellular therapy; utilizing a patient’s own cells for precision gene targeting; genome editing.

  • Paul Olin
    Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, School of Dentistry, Twin Cities

    Safety of oral health providers and patients; mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and other viral infections during dental appointments.

  • Jeff Bender
    Professor, School of Public Health, Twin Cities

    Public health preparedness; farmer and farm worker safety; farmer mental health; zoonotic diseases.

Supporting You and Your Community

The U of M offers resources to support the well-being of individuals, families, and communities during this challenging time.

  • Diagram of the different cuts of beef

    Having a variety of meat cuts on hand is a convenience that can save your family money. To help you know what you’re getting when buying meat in bulk through a local farmer or butcher, U of M Extension's livestock team has created charts for beef, pork, and lamb.

  • farmer resources for COVID-19

    COVID-19 identification, virology, and transmission; keeping workers, families, and rural communities safe; what ag producers need to know; resources in English and Spanish.

  • Illustration of woman in fetal position with long flowing hair and sad expression

    Health and well-being resources for health professionals, business leaders, students, and members of all communities.

  • Man walking in field during dusk

    Dealing with stress; supporting food security; managing income loss; helping farmers; leading communities online.

  • Ribbon-like red sculpture on U of M campus

    Kid-friendly activities, virtual WAM exhibit tours, livestream studio visits.

We are #UMNproud

Share your #UMNproud moments during this challenging time helps to remind us of the strength and resilience of the University of Minnesota community.

Educational Videos

Alternate Care Sites Introduction Video

A new way for local communities to provide care, in a non-hospital setting, for those who become ill during the COVID-19 pandemic. View flyer for staff and volunteers.

Earn CEU/CPH Recertification Credit

Don’t Kid with Covid-19

How you can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Short videos from M Health Fairview.

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