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the University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
does for you?

Together with communities across this great state, we're driving discoveries in the fields of food, water, and health that make all of our lives tastier, safer, healthier—and just plain better. Here are some of those stories.

young girl playing with dog

From paws to possibilities

Researchers at the U of M have found success in a treatment for a fatal cancer in canines that could someday lead to a cure for similar cancers in humans.

A horse is comforted by a man in a barn with sundown visible through the open door behind them

Freed of pain

Where drugs failed, U of M researchers helped suffering horses regain pain-free movement. This new approach has profound implications for treating human diseases like osteoarthritis.

TV Spots

Driven to Discover Campaign

We celebrate Driven to Discover in our annual marketing campaigns. They are aimed at building widespread support for the University of Minnesota.