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Mosquitos in Minnesota

Jon Oliver

Minnesotans know mosquito season well. July through September carries the highest risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease.

University of Minnesota School of Public Health Assistant Professor Jon Oliver is available for comment on what people should know about mosquito-borne viruses and how to prevent them.

Jon Oliver, Ph.D.
“Minnesota is no stranger to mosquito-borne viruses. Currently, the most common of these is West Nile virus spread by mosquitoes in the genus Culex (or house mosquitoes). Between nine and 83 cases have been reported annually over the last few years except for last year when no cases were reported in Minnesota. This was the first time we haven’t had any West Nile cases since it first arrived here in 2002. Other diseases, such as La Crosse encephalitis, are present, but rare. Heartworm is also a concern for pets.

“By cleaning up debris that can hold puddled water, such as pots, tubs and tires, we remove mosquito breeding grounds and can reduce population numbers."

Jon Oliver is an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. His areas of expertise include vector-borne diseases, infectious diseases, ticks, mosquitoes and Lyme disease.

Jon Oliver
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Mosquitos in Minnesota
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