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Image of hand with blisters on the skin.
Talking with U of M

Talking monkeypox with the U of M

Dr. Beth Thielen discusses the recent monkeypox outbreak and how we can take preventative measures against the disease.

Tiffany LaShae works out in the field.

Sowing seeds of change

Grad student and farmer Tiffany LaShae is healing the soil … and the historical trauma of a racist food system.

Brooklynn Isley

Science meets caring

Junior Brooklynn Isley was drawn to a career in nursing because it combines two things she loves: science and caring for people. It appears she chose the right path.

Portrait of Ellen Demerath in a hospital setting.
Talking with U of M

Talking the baby formula shortage with the U of M

Since early May 2022, grocery stores and pharmacies across the U.S. have been scrambling to find supplies of infant formula, an essential food for babies up to six months of age who are not receiving breast milk.

Expert Alert

Heat's effect on pregnancy

With rising temperatures across the Midwest, Audrey Dorélien, an assistant professor in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs speaks to how extreme heat can have negative impacts for pregnant women.

Portrait of Professor Alexander Boucher next to a stock image of test tubes and a sheet of paper that says “Sickle cell disease.”
Expert Alert

World Sickle Cell Day

Alexander Boucher with the University of Minnesota Medical School, M Health Fairview, is available to comment on sickle cell disease and the impact that it has on our communities.

A graphic showing a person sweeping out an image of a brain.

Cleanup duty

New therapies designed to clear senescent cells from the body could keep our aging population healthier longer—and improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients, too.