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Šišókaduta Joe Bendisckson

Šišókaduta: A keeper of the language

Curious about his Native language as a teenager, Šišókaduta Joe Bendickson learned Dakota at the U of M and now teaches the language to the next generation. He feels he’s in a race against time.

Mariann Johnson
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Resilience ahead of the holiday season

National Stress Awareness Day falls on November 3, 2021. According to a recent study, 73 percent of people experience stress that impacts their mental health. 

Joe Gaugler
Talking with U of M

Talking family caregivers with U of M

November is National Family Caregivers Month and Joseph Gaugler, with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, answers questions about who family caregivers are, what they do and common challenges they face.

Sian Durward-Akhurst
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Arrhythmia in racehorses

Racehorses are specifically bred to have larger, structurally sound hearts and yet, nearly half of them are still experiencing arrhythmias. Sian Durward-Akhurst an assistant professor of genetics, genomics, and large animal internal medicine in The College of Veterinary Medicine, shares expert analysis on identifying causes of these deaths.

Image of Jessica Hellmann and Heidi Roop
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UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

University of Minnesota climate science experts Jessica Hellmann and Heidi Roop are available to provide comments on the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

Mark Bergen
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5 ways inflation might impact holiday shopping

Mark Bergen with the Carlson School of Management is available to comment on consumer takeaways amid supply chain issues, worker shortages, and the rising cost of consumer goods.

Saida Abdi
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Supporting Afghan Refugees

Saida Abdi, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work in the College of Education and Human Development, provides expert comment on supporting Afghan refugees as they relocate to the United States.