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Talking with U of M

Talking financial scam protection with U of M

Assistant Research Professor Marty DeLiema studies the risk factors associated with financial fraud, provides expert tips for how to avoid financial fraud, and identifies what to do when you fall victim to scammers.

hands of people petting a dog

Visions of self-care

What helps keep University of Minnesota students balanced and happy? The answers vary widely, but the images show some favorite activities.

Research Brief

Solving the Honeycrisp apple ancestry mystery

Ancestry tests aren’t just for people or pets anymore. Thanks to DNA-based tracking, researchers at the University of Minnesota have finally traced the family tree of the Honeycrisp apple. 

Portrait of Professor Henning-Smith standing outside of a brick building
Talking with U of M

Talking National Public Health Week with the U of M

Access to quality health care can vary based on a person’s age, race and location. Associate professor and public health expert Carrie Henning-Smith shares her tips for greater access to health care.

A wolf on trail approaching a camera

A window into the wild north

Through a combination of advancing technology, social media, and charismatic subjects, research on wolves in northern Minnesota has caught the attention of millions.