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Expert Alert

Legalizing marijuana in Minnesota

Peter Morrell, a professor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, is available to provide expert commentary as Minnesotans prepare for this transition.

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Expert Alert

New funding for high-speed internet access across the country

On June 26, President Biden announced how $42.5 billion will be distributed across the country to expand access to broadband internet. Each state will receive at least $107 million in funding, with the goal to provide high-speed internet access to all by 2030.

Hannah Lichtsinn

The doctor and the policy person

After years of practicing medicine, Hannah Lichtsinn is pursuing a Master of Public Affairs to help lead change on big societal issues.

News Release

ChatGPT goes to law school

When ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, was tasked with responding to University of Minnesota Law School questions from exams in several legal subject areas and graded blindly with a group of real student tests, it consistently achieved low but passing grades. 

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Creating a more just society

The U of M Law School’s new Racial Justice Law Clinic will tackle discriminatory practices and fight for individuals and communities facing race-based oppression through the law, creating a new generation of lawyers who are prepared to advocate for justice and change.