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Tiffany LaShae works out in the field.

Sowing seeds of change

Grad student and farmer Tiffany LaShae is healing the soil … and the historical trauma of a racist food system.

Brooklynn Isley

Science meets caring

Junior Brooklynn Isley was drawn to a career in nursing because it combines two things she loves: science and caring for people. It appears she chose the right path.

A graphic showing a person sweeping out an image of a brain.

Cleanup duty

New therapies designed to clear senescent cells from the body could keep our aging population healthier longer—and improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients, too.

Elm cuttings in a greenhouse

Survivor elms

U of M researchers are wrangling the charismatic trees’ innate ability to fend off Dutch elm disease.

Claire Busse in her band uniform

Turning lessons into leadership

Claire Busse developed a trauma-informed leadership training for peer leaders in the University of Minnesota’s marching band.

Betty Sandison reacts as her name is read during commencement.

Nothing is stopping her now

From a one-room schoolhouse to a large public research university, Betty Sandison’s educational journey is one for the ages.

Matty Bygd, blonde, in lab coat, stands before a row of shelves well stocked with chemical reagents.

A bacterial bullseye

A graduate student finds a bacterium that could detoxify long-lived chemical pollutants known as PFAS. 

Man sitting down thinking hard

Beyond recovery

Robert "Cole" Pueringer, a graduate of the U of M Medical School, shares the story of his slide into alcohol addiction and depression and his subsequent path forward to the field of addiction medicine.

Silhouette of girl's head over sunset

Pioneers in wellbeing

For more than a quarter century, the U of M’s Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing has advanced whole-person health and wellbeing.

hands of people petting a dog

Visions of self-care

What helps keep University of Minnesota students balanced and happy? The answers vary widely, but the images show some favorite activities.

A wolf on trail approaching a camera

A window into the wild north

Through a combination of advancing technology, social media, and charismatic subjects, research on wolves in northern Minnesota has caught the attention of millions.