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University of Minnesota celebrated as a leader in latest global rankings

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The University of Minnesota’s position as one of the world’s most outstanding universities was reaffirmed this week with the publication of Shanghai Ranking’s 2023 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

“We are delighted to see Shanghai Ranking reaffirm what we know to be true. Every day, across many disciplines, faculty and researchers at the University of Minnesota are advancing research in ways that change lives and improve the world around us,” said Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson. “We are proud of the hard work and commitment of so many U of M faculty and staff, and we’re grateful to see the incredible outcomes they deliver recognized in these rankings.”

In eight subjects, the U of M ranked in the top 25 globally, including ecology (ranked No. 3 in the world), library & information science (No. 4), management (No. 13), communication (No. 17), economics (No. 20), psychology (No. 23), medical technology (No. 24), and statistics (No. 24).

In total, 34 out of the 47 subjects in which the U of M was evaluated were ranked among the top 100 in the world.

The 2023 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects include more than 1,900 universities across 104 countries and regions that are ranked using a variety of objective academic indicators and third-party data to measure performance.

All subjects in which the U of M was ranked within the top 100 schools globally in the 2023 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects: 

Ecology (No. 3)
Library & Information Science (No. 4)
Management (No. 13)
Communication (No. 17)
Economics (No. 20)
Psychology (No. 23)
Medical Technology (No. 24)
Statistics (No. 24)
Veterinary Sciences (No. 26)
Sociology (No. 30)
Geography (No. 32)
Biotechnology (No. 33)
Education (No. 36)
Public Health (No. 43)
Finance (No. 49)
Agricultural Sciences (No. 51-75)
Business Administration (No. 51-75)
Dentistry & Oral Sciences (No. 51-75)
Earth Sciences (No. 51-75)
Law (No. 51-75)
Mechanical Engineering (No. 51-75)
Physics (No. 51-75)
Political Sciences (No. 51-75)
Public Administration (No. 51-75)
Remote Sensing (No. 51-75)
Water Resources (No. 51-75)
Biological Sciences (No. 76-100)
Chemical Engineering (No. 76-100)
Clinical Medicine (No. 76-100)
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (No. 76-100)
Environmental Science & Engineering (No. 76-100)
Mathematics (No. 76-100)
Nursing (No. 76-100)
Transportation Science & Technology (No. 76-100)

Complete information on the U of M’s rankings can be found on the Shanghai Ranking website.

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