High Schoolers Experience Research

Group of students in science lab.

The University of Minnesota’s nationally accredited College in the Schools brings U of M faculty together with local teachers to offer research-based courses in high schools throughout Minnesota. Here’s a taste of what’s being done.

Reasoning from experience

Margaret Kelly’s Sociological Perspectives: A Multicultural America teaches students to engage in high-level thinking. The course reinforces learning by bringing in students’ lived experiences with race and class into the assignments and discussions.

Mastering math with modeling

Sue Staats’s College Algebra through Modeling serves 600 students in 29 Minnesota schools. The course helps teachers make solid mathematics education accessible and helps students see themselves as college students.

Doing real science

Leon Hsu’s Physics by Inquiry is a lab-based course that fosters conceptual reasoning, so students can understand how science works by performing experiments, making explanatory models, and testing them.

Finding rigor through creativity

Murray Jensen’s Human Anatomy and Physiology lets teachers bring students the rigor of college science education. The course emphasizes creative thinking by engaging students in a wide range of learning tasks, cooperative quizzes, and discussions.

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High Schoolers Experience Research
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