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Pani Kendeou and Emily Vraga.
Expert Alert

The science of debunking misinformation

University of Minnesota Professor Panayiota Kendeou and Associate Professor Emily Vraga are available to comment about the danger of misinformation, how it spreads, and what can be done to debunk it. 

Daniel Boley, glasses, plaid shirt, balding, sits facing a computer with a blackboard behind him.
Faculty Profile

Daniel Boley

Daniel Boley is a 2018-19 Graduate and Professional Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Renée Crichlow stands with two students, one wearing a stethoscope.

Climbing the Ladder

UMN health professionals open a world of careers to kids from under-resourced communities.

Lori Helman
Talking with U of M

Talking dyslexia with U of M

Prof. Lori Helman talks about dyslexia and how to increase awareness and responsiveness by educators and family members.