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Daniel Boley, glasses, plaid shirt, balding, sits facing a computer with a blackboard behind him.
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Daniel Boley

Daniel Boley is a 2018-19 Graduate and Professional Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Renée Crichlow stands with two students, one wearing a stethoscope.

Climbing the Ladder

UMN health professionals open a world of careers to kids from under-resourced communities.

Lori Helman
Talking with U of M

Talking dyslexia with U of M

Prof. Lori Helman talks about dyslexia and how to increase awareness and responsiveness by educators and family members.

James W. Begun, white hair and dark suit, leans against a bookshelf.
Faculty Profile

James W. Begun

James W. Begun is a 2018-19 Graduate and Professional Teaching Award Winner